Lucigen 'Next GENeration SEQuencing'   Technology kits (new edition)

NxSeq AmpFREE Low DNA Library kits and Adaptors  (Illumina-compatible)

  • This high efficiency, cost-effective, PCR-free kit requires only 75 ng of sheard DNA and produces greater sequencing depth and coverage per library in both single and multiplexed sequencing runs. Applications include de novo genome sequencing,resequencing and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP/mutation) detection.
  • NxSeq Adaptors, Box 1 and 2 each contain 12 different indexed, Illunina-compatible adaptors. Each adaptor contains a unique barcode sequence which allows you to combine DNA libraries made with different adaptors into a single Illumina sequencer (MiSeq, HiSeq...)run. Each adaptor is set for at least 4 library reactions.
NxSeq AmpFree Low DNA library kit
cat# 14000-1 (12 rxns)
cat# 14000-2 (48 rxns)
NxSeq Adaptors
cat# 14300-1 (12x 4 rxns/ Box 1)
cat# 14300-2 (12x 4 rxns/ Box 2)
Lucigen 'Clear Coli' electro competent cells.                                             ClearColi Poster (pdf) 

Genetically modified LPS does not trigger endotoxic response in human cells

Ideal for mammalian cell immunogenicity and toxicity assays

Reduce false positives in cytokine assays, improve confidence in your results

Applications : Protein Production, Plasmid Production & Phage Display


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