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LavaLAMP™ DNA Master Mix »  Simplify LAMP (Loop-mediated Amplification) reaction set up with this easy-to-use, sensitive and thermostable DNA LAMP master mix. (cat# 30066-1)

  • Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP): Facilitates running amplification reactions in difficult test environments, enabling use outside of a high-tech laboratory.

  • Master Mix Format: Simplifies reaction setup and minimizes optimization required to produce the best assay results.

  • High Thermal Stability: Highly thermostable enzyme (up to 90°C for 5 min) enables preheating of reactions containing purified target DNA which, depending on the target, may increase assay sensitivity and decrease time to results.

  • Elevated LAMP Reaction Temperature (68-74°C): Improves primer specificity and reduces background amplification depending on the DNA target.

  • Freeze-dry Compatible: Enables generation of room temperature stable test kits through lyophilization.

Endura™ for CRISPR GeCKO Libraries » Cells of Choice for  Lentiviral CRISPR Protocol.(cat# 60242-1)

  • Better Lentiviral Stability
  • Recombination Resistant
  • Highest Efficiency for GeCKO Library Construction
  • Recommended in Lentiviral CRISPR Protocol  
  • Also Available As Chemically Competent Cells For Non-Library Use With Lentiviral Vectors
NxSeq® AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kit » Get more usable NGS data from each sample with this highly efficient and affordable kit.(cat# 14000-1 for 12 rxns)

CRISPR Lentivectors-CRISPR Lentivirus-CRISPR Adenovirus-CRISPR-KO-cell-lines
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Selected Publications using abm's CRISPR Products
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Jiang, G. et al. "Isorhapontigenin (ISO) inhibits invasive bladder cancer (BC) formation in vivo and human BC invasion in vitro by targeting STAT1/FOXO1 Axis." Cancer Prev Res. Published Online First April 14, 2016.  

Okugawa, Y. et al. "Clinical significance of SNORA42 as an oncogene and a prognostic biomarker in colorectal cancer." Gut (2015)